Sichuan Provincial Center for Disease Control and Prevention inspection team to Mabian Yi Autonomous County People's Hospital to carry out infectious disease report management inspection work
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In order to understand the status quo and existing problems related to notifiable infectious diseases in medical and health institutions at all levels in the province,We will improve the reporting and management of infectious diseases and the quality of online direct reporting,Strengthen management of network information security,Standardize the comprehensive information management and public opinion monitoring of disease control,We will do a good job in the provincial review of the quality and management of national infectious disease reports and data collection,At 9 am on September 7, 2023, an inspection team of 5 people from the Sichuan Provincial Center for Disease Control and Prevention went to our hospital to carry out infectious disease inspection。Lu Guoqing, Deputy director of Leshan City Health Commission, Yang Li, deputy head of Mabian Yi Autonomous County People's Government, Luo Ning, Party Secretary of the County Health Bureau, Gou Qingfeng, Director of the Disease Control Department of the County Center for Disease Control, Lu Qingguo, president of the county People's Hospital, and relevant hospital leaders accompanied the inspection。

The group of experts in accordance with the Sichuan Province2023 Infectious disease information report management and disease control information work evaluation and national infectious disease report quality and management status of the provincial review plan "of our hospital outpatient logs, admission registration, inspection and imaging department of infectious disease abnormal results registration and feedback, infectious disease information monitoring summary analysis and the quality of infectious disease reports were examined in detail。Members of the inspection team summarize and comment on the inspection,The efforts and achievements made by the infectious disease management staff in our hospital were affirmed,It also points out the problems and deficiencies in the management of infectious disease report in our hospital,And called for swift rectification,At the same time, it is also hoped that all medical staff in our hospital pay attention to the management of infectious diseases,Keep up the good work,Improve the reporting and management of infectious diseases。

Lu Qingguo, president of the county People's Hospital, thanked the inspection team for its suggestions,It indicated that the recommendations and requests made by the inspection team would be further implemented,Improve information construction,Use this inspection as an opportunity,Check the table to find a problem,Find weaknesses,Sort out the list of problems and responsibilities,Time-limited rectification,Compacting responsibilities at all levels,Detailed rectification measures,Further strengthen infectious disease information reporting and management, network information security management, disease control and comprehensive information management。